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Welcome to We have compiled the most common questions from our support department.  Simply click on one to reveal the answer.

If you aren't able to find an answer to your question, you can always email us at can be used for both Tournaments and Leagues. Many of the questions and answers below apply to both.
TeamScoring Basics

What is this site about? was created by parents and coaches of teenagers to solve a common problem associated with youth sporting events; namely, the lack of communication that happens at game sites. allows Tournament and League Directors and personnel to better manage the event, with less work and more timely results. This ultimately leads to less confusion, less emails and happier participants. strives to make each sporting event more special so teams come back and play over and over again.

Is there a fee for using this site?

For all visitors including Coaches and team members, there's no fee for using this site. Although, if you want to create a Tournament or League Page, there is an affordable fee for use of the site. We offer many plans to suit all sizes of organizations as well as discounts for qualified non-profits. Please email us to learn more about our discounts. To view all of our plans, please visit the Fees Page.

I will be the person setting up our Tournament (or League).  Is this program time consuming to set up?

Not at all. This is one of the best features of  The founders are parents and volunteers just like you and understand time is very important.  The program has been designed to be easy to use and set up.  It has many time saving features and we will also assist you in the setup process so you're running as fast as possible.  Once you are set up with your teams, pools, divisions and schedule, the time it takes to enter your game results is minimal and it will save you lots of time from questions involving  parents, coaches and players throughout the tournament.

Does allow teams to register for my tournament?

Yes. provides an inclusive Registration Module that allows you to easily create a custom home page and custom registration form in minutes. And after you close registration, your team information can be imported right into your Tournament Page. Furthermore, this service is included with any of our paid tiered plans.

I am the Tournament (or League) Director.  I don't see any information here about setting up a Tournament?

If you haven't already, Sign Up for a free account and Sign In. Than take a look on the Events menu for the Quick Start Guide. The Quick Start Guide will take just a few minutes to read and will provide tips on how to get you up and running fast.

What sports do you support?

We strive to support all youth tournament and league sports.  We currently support Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Football and Water Polo.  Are there any others you would like?  If so, drop us a note using the Contact Page and we will try to accommodate you.

And although we specialize in youth sports, you can even use for adult leagues as well. How about your work, Temple or Church softball league? is a perfect fit for any Tournament or League.

Is a mobile app available?

Absolutely. If you are in the field or on the run, you have several choices. Using your mobile phone browser, go to to access our mobile web app. If you have an Apple or Android phone, you can visit the App or Play Stores and download our free app.

The mobile versions provide you with the most important features of that you need when not at your desk.

Can I download my Team's schedule to my Calendar?

Yes you can. When you subscribe to your Team, a confirming email will be sent to you. That email will contain a calendar attachment. How you import the games into your calendar differs between email programs. Some email programs will detect the attachment and ask you to add to your calendar. Others will require you to click on the attachment.

Please note, there is no industry calendar import standard that works for all email programs. We have attempted to cover the most popular (Apple Mail, Android and Outlook). That's not to say it won't work on others but you may have to consult the user documentation for more information.

What is Player Tracker?

Player Tracker is a personal statistics tool for players. Player Tracker is available free of charge for anyone with a user account and provides a secure, private way to track players performance across games and tournaments. You can also use it as a recruiting tool by sharing a link with coaches to your stats. It's available from the Team Zone menu. For more information, visit the Player Tracker Page.

What are those symbols † and ƒ in the standings?

Those symbols indicate deductions and forfeits. Many Directors and Coaches want to keep the deductions anonymous so we don't tell visitors the actual amount nor which teams have deductions.

Account Management

What are Favorites?

If you have a user account and are signed in, you can add any Tournament, League or Team Page to your favorites list. Favorites make accessing your favorite pages easy and convenient all from the Home Page.

To create a Favorite, navigate to your desired League, Tournament or Team Page. Next to the name you will see a symbol. Click it to make it a favorite, click it again to remove it from your favorites list. Your favorites list is available from the home page.

I am a Team Manager and I changed my temporary password but I can't sign in to Manager's Office. What shall I do?

You should have received a confirmation email. If you don't see it in your in-box, check your junk or spam folder.

Additionally, you can request another confirmation email.  On the password page, there will be a link "Forgot?"  Click on that link to request another email.

I am a Team Manager and I tried to activate my Manager's Office page.  I don't have a temporary password.  What should I do?

When the Tournament or League Director set up your team, you should have received a welcome email with a temporary password.  If you don't see that email, make sure you check your spam or junk folder.  If you still don't see it, there's a possibility the Director mistyped your email address.  In that case, you should contact the Director so he can fix it.  It's a very simple operation. Use the Director Email button on the Tournament Page.

Can I get "push" notifications to my cell phone?

Of course.  You can request push notifications by way of email and/or text message.  Just be aware that text messaging typically has a character limitation of 140-160 characters.  Texts are good for short alerts like game scores or weather alerts although for a much richer experience, emails are best.

I am a Coach or Team Manager, should I add myself as a subscriber to get notifications?

Not necessarily.  The Team Manager, in most cases, will be automatically notified via email of most notifications.  There may be some exceptions but rest assured, the really important stuff will be sent to you (provided the Director entered a correct email for your team).  It won't hurt if you do add yourself as a subscriber but you may receive duplicate emails.  If you want to receive push notifications via text message,  you will need to add yourself as a subscriber.

If the Coach is not the Team Manager, then the Coach should also subscribe to his team if he wants to receive notifications.

I subscribed to a team and I want to remove (or modify) it?

One of the coolest features of is the instant "push" notifications and alerts that you can receive right to your email or cell phone. Notifications can come in many varieties like scores, standings and tournament alerts.  From the Team Page of any team, click on the "Subscribe" button.  You will be prompted to add a subscriber.  After adding a subscriber, you should receive a confirming text message or email (or both.)  Should you choose to unsubscribe, if you requested emails, there is a link to unsubscribe.  Just click that link and you will no longer receive any alerts or notifications.

In addition, if you have a user account and you used it to subscribe, you can make changes to that subscription using the User Subscriptions Report available from your user menu. You must have a Tournament or League open first before you can see the report option.

I want to add photos to our Team Page.  How do I do that?

Another great feature of is the ability to consolidate pictures, videos and slideshows and make them all accessible from your team's Team Page.  This makes accessing team photos so easy for your team families.  To do that, there are a couple of simple steps you must take.

1. You must have a valid user account. You can Sign Up free from our home page (sorry, we don't allow anonymous users posting photos of kids).

2. Sign In to and navigate to your Team Page.  Click on the Team Role Requests link and make a Role Request to be a Team Photographer.  This will send an email request to your Coach or Manager for authorization (yes, he must accept you).

3. After your Coach authorizes and you receive his authorization email, you will see your name in the Team Photos section of the Team Page.  Click your name in the list and follow the instructions to create the links to your content.

Your photos, videos and slideshows will now be available for all to enjoy without the need to send emails to everyone.  And whenever you update your album, those same users will have instant access to them all through your easily accessible Team Page.

I'm a Head Coach and I want my Assistant Coach or Team Manager to be able to enter scores and add messages to the message board.  Can I do that?

Absolutely.  Just have your assistant Sign Up for a user account and make a Team Role Request on the Team Page for a Team Manager/Assistant Coach.  Once you accept the request, your assistant will have access to both area's of the Team Page.

I spotted an abuse of this site, what can I do?

Abuse can come in the form of inappropiate postings like foul or inappropriate language, inappropritae photos or other media or even links to inappropriate external content. This is a family oriented site, so good judgement regarding posted content is essential and required. Should you spot an abuse of our General Rules of Conduct, you should use the following procedure to remedy the issue.

1. First give the Director of the abused Tournament or League an opportunity to remedy the situation by sending an email informing him of the problem. The easiest way to do this is by using the Email Director form accessible from the League or Tournament Page.

2. If the Director doesn't resolve the issue in a reasonable time (1 to 2 days should be reasonable), you can contact our support group at We will do whatever is necessary to remedy the problem.
Sign Up / Sign In

Should I Sign Up to access the site?

In most cases, that isn't necessary.  Creating a user account for yourself does have some advantages.  For example, you can create Tournament or League Pages, or take on any of the available roles like Scorekeeper and Team Photographer. An account will also provide you access to Tournament, League and Team favorites that will appear on your Sign In page for easy access.

Even without a user account, Parents, Players and Coaches will have access to most tournament and league information without the need to Sign In each time. The sporting events are for everyone so the information is accessible by anyone.  Only authorized users will be able to make changes to Tournament, League and Team Pages.

So, go ahead and locate your Tournament or League from the home Page.  You can always Sign Up later for a free account if you need to.

Are valid email addresses really required for an account?

I'm afraid so.  One of the great benefits of is it enables effective communication between the Director, Player, Coaches and Parents.  Email is the simplest and least expensive way to do this.  If we can't communicate with you or your teams, we won't be very effective. As an alternative to email, we do allow you to receive text messages to your cellular phone.  Keep in mind, text messaging is limited on some cell carriers so we can't be as informative using texts as with email.  Smartphones like Android phones and iPhones all support both email and texting.

I have an account and I can't seem to Sign In.  What shall I do?

Most likely you forgot your user name or password or you aren't typing it correctly.  Two common mistakes are: 1) your caps lock key is on.  User names are NOT case sensitive but Passwords are and you may have registered with the caps lock on.  2) You have "Ohs" or Zero's in your user name or password and you are getting them mixed up.  If neither one of those mistakes is the reason, you probably forgot the username or password you registered with.

When you created (or edited) your user account, you were sent a confirmation email with important information including your Sign In information. You should locate that email for clues.  If you can't locate this email, send a request to support so we can look it up for you.  You can send an email from the Contact Page. Please don't Sign Up again.  You will loose all your Tournament and profile information.

Common Problems

Why can't I find my tournament when I search for it?

If you searched for your League or Tournament and can't seem to find it, it's probably because the people in charge of your league or tournament didn't set up anything in Why not contact them and spread the word.

Why are my emails not being received?

There are various reasons why you may not be receiving emails from us.
  1. It may be going to your junk or spam folder.
  2. Your email provider may not be deliverying it.
  3. Your email address may be wrong in our system.
Let's look at these in order.

#1, Please check your spam/junk folder. If you find it there, make sure you mark it as "not spam" so your email system will send it to your inbox.

#2, Your email provider is not delivering it. There are a few email providers (e.g.,,, that are notorious for making decisions on your behalf on what you want to receive and what you don't. They don't even provide you the courtesy of putting it into your spam folder and letting you decide. If this is the case, we suggest using a different provider (gmail, yahoo, hotmail all seem to work fine and are free). Another option is to add to your address book. Many times they will deliver mail from senders found in your contacts. Also, many times, work email can have very restrictive spam filters that will reject your incoming email. There isn't much you can do about that. can

#3, If you are a Team Manager, perhaps the Director typed your email wrong. Please contact your director to update your records. If you subscribed to a team as a Quick Subscriber, perhaps you typed your email address wrong. In that case, you should simply subscribe again.

Become An Affiliate

What is the Affiliate Program all about?

The affiliate progam is an exciting new addition to our web site. Like other Affiliate programs, you can earn commissions by simply referring customers to us. And, there is no charge to participate.

Once you are accepted into the program, we will provide you with a badge that you place on your web site so your visitors can use to click through to our site. Whenever a referred customer creates a paid Tournament or League, you will earn a commission. Now, doesn't that sound exciting?

To request an application packet, just contact us via the Contact Us page and we will get right back to you.
Here is what you will need to do to get started. Go to our affiliate information page by clicking on the Affiliate button from our home page. You will need to download the Affiliate Application as well as the Affiliate Agreement. Read the agreement which explains the terms of our program, fill out the application, sign and return the application to us via fax or email. We will review the application, and once approved, we will send you an affiliate kit. You can then put our badge on your web site and refer customers to us. Whenever a referred customer creates a paid Tournament or League, you will earn a commission. Now, doesn't that sound exciting? So, what are you waiting for?